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[News] Kwon Sang Woo shows off his six pack abs on ‘Puberty in Their 40s’



MBC has a new variety show called ‘Puberty in Their 40s.’ The premise of the show is simple, two best friends in their 40’s go on a spontaneous trip together to remind themselves of their younger days. On the January 28 episode, comedian Jung Jun Ha went on a trip to the countryside with Kwon Sang Woo.

At one of the stops during the trip, they visited a sauna, and in the sauna, Kwon Sang Woo showed off his abs which delighted his fans. Continue reading

[News] Kwon Sang Woo Says Jung Joon Ha Was A Great Source Of Strength During His Slump


While on MBC’s “Forty’s Spring” (literal title), Kwon Sang Woo showed his affection for his friend, Jung Joon Ha .

The actor stated, “I would have no reason to do this show if it wasn’t for Jung Joon Ha. The only reason I agreed to it is because we’re friends.” Continue reading

[News]Kwon Sang Woo And Jung Joon Ha Enjoy Their Escape To Russia


On January 11, stills from Kwon Sang Woo and Jung Joon Ha’s special MBC variety show, “Forty’s Spring” (literal title) were released.

Taking a break from their usual lives, the two friends impulsively go off on an exciting adventure to Vladivostok, Russia. Continue reading