[HD PHOTO] Kwon Sang Woo- Dispatch Interview

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[NEWS] Kwon Sang-woo returns to the big screen : Since ‘The Accidental Detective’ in 2015, the star has focused on TV


Actor Kwon Sang-woo has returned to the big screen with his new comedy crime thriller, “The Accidental Detective 2: In Action,” that hits theaters on June 13. Through his roles in films such as the melodrama “Stairway to Heaven” (2003), “My Tutor Friend” (2003), and “Spirit of Jeet Keun Do” (2004), he rapidly rose to stardom and became one of the most recognizable Korean actors throughout Asia.

His most recent appearance was on the second season of the KBS drama “Queen of Mystery,” which ran from Feb. 28 to April 19. On the show, he plays the tenacious detective Ha Wan-seung, who works alongside Yoo Seol-ok, played by actor Choi Kang-hee.  Continue reading