[News] Why Kwon Sang Woo is “An Intelligent Actor” (Interview)


On May 25, KBS2’s drama ‘Queen of Mystery’ aired its last episode and actress Choi Kang Hee whom Kwon Sang Woo worked with referred to him as an intelligent actor. She explained that it wouldn’t have been easy for him to play this role because even as the title ‘Queen of Mystery’ shows, it is a drama with a main female character. She also added that before she met Kwon Sang Woo, she read the script and found that his character named Ha Wan Seung wasn’t that appealing as well.

Kwon Sang Woo, who returned to acting in dramas in 3 years, chose to play ‘this character’. Moreover, he brought his character, Ha Wan Seung to life as a successful detective who solves cases through intuition and instincts. He would shout, “Auntie!” to make our hearts race and say, “I am a person who was raised well~” to shamelessly portray the love his character has for himself to stir up laughter. Moreover, we need not mention his legendary action scenes.

Kwon Sang Woo in ‘Queen of Mystery’ was portrayed as an actor who expressed how much he loves his work. I doubt that there is an actor as smart as him out there.

10. You returned to our home theaters with ‘Queen of Mystery’ in 3 years.
Kwon Sang Woo: I had so much fun that it made me think if I ever had this much fun in another production. While I am not a big fan of mysteries, ‘Queen of Mystery’ was special. I focused on my character more than the mysteries and investigations. Despite the fact that my character, Ha Wan Seung was a detective, he was a person who relied on an ordinary housewife. He had a fresh and human-like attraction.

10. How was it working with Choi Kang Hee who played an ordinary housewife?
Kwon Sang Woo: I spread a good word about her frequently to the people around me during our shoot. She does not possess a single ounce of snobbery in her. She has a positive outlook on life and she knows how to have fun at shoots. She went through many hard times during the shoot. But she worked really hard despite things getting hard. It was truly a blessing to have met Choi Kang Hee.

10. While there was no romance in the drama, it still made our heart race. How did Ha Wan Seung feel about Yoo Seol Ok (Choi Kang Hee)?
Kwon Sang Woo: I acted in an easy and cool way because it was a relationship that could have been weird if it was romantic. Near the end of the drama, there are quite a lot of scenes where Ha Wan Seung will take off his jacket for Yoo Seol Ok or nonchalantly say, “You look nicer wearing it.” That was a lot of romance for us. When we read the script, we would think, “Wow~this is romantic.” and predict how the viewers would react to it.

10. There must be some expectations for a season 2 after having grown so close together.
Kwon Sang Woo: I heard that our director is talking to the broadcasting station about making another season. Since we have done it before, I feel like we would work closer together. Every time I read a comment about fans wanting a season 2, I get expectations too.

10. I heard there were some injuries during the shoot.
Kwon Sang Woo: Although it did not appear on the show, there was a time I had to jump down from a height of 4.5 meters. I hurt my leg from that jump. But I could not get a cast because I still had to shoot. My ankle kept swelling up with water so I had to take a break during the shoots to take out the water. I also suffered from a sore throat. I am not usually the type to show that I am in pain and I do not feel much pain either. (Laughs)

10. You returned after quite a while. Was there a special reason for taking a break?
Kwon Sang Woo: I did not take a break on purpose. I was working on a production in China for about a year and when I returned I naturally became an actor that was on a break. So this year, I plan to film two movies till the end of the year. The world is so fast-paced and the desire for more productions is getting stronger. The older one gets, you long to be in film sites more.

10. Do you plan to work in China at the same time as well?
Kwon Sang Woo: There are good and bad sides to it. There is a relish for learning new systems there. While Korean dramas are very competitive, in China, it is better because you can act without feeling burdened. But, I am scared of leaving the Korean scene for a long time. Perhaps there will be an abundant amount of casting request when the THAAD issue is resolved. (Laughs) There are dramas that have already been shot but haven’t been aired yet. I hope the THAAD issue will resolve as soon as possible.

10. Your acting abilities have been put on focus once again through this production.
Kwon Sang Woo: I am always the same but the way I am assessed seems to slightly change by the level of interest people have in me. During the ‘Queen of Mystery’ drama shoot, ‘aside from my acting, I noticed people wearing my clothes’. I was thankful about that.


Source en.tenasia.com

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