Kwon Sang Woo, Sun Dong Il, and Lee Kwang Soo are Confirmed for ‘Detective 2’

Sequel from the movie ‘The Accidental Detective’ (2015), ‘Detective 2’, has confirmed the list of casts on June 8th.

‘Detective 2’, which has started its shooting on June 8th, is a crime thriller where Kang Dae Man and Roh Tae Soo, who have solved the first problem, opened their own detective office to resolve some mysterious cases.


Kwon Sang Woo will play as Kang Dae Man, a Sherlock-like genius. Seong Dong Il, with his charismatic aura, is predicted to have more than one action scenes.

Meanwhile, Lee Kwang So expressed his feelings after joining the project. “I’m very happy to work with exciting scenarios, great production teams, and respectable seniors. I will do my best and work hard.”

Directed by Lee In Hee, ‘Detective 2’ is scheduled to air in 2018.


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