[News]Kwon Sang Woo Shares Painful Memory To Explain Why His Family And Home Mean So Much To Him

Actor Kwon Sang Woo recently opened up about a painful part of his past.

The actor appeared on “A House of My Own Has Appeared” (literal title) and explained why he decided to join the show as he said, “I liked the premise of the show, and I wanted to appear because having a house to call one’s own is really important to me.”


Kwon Sang Woo reminisced about his past as he stated, “The word ‘Home’ is very meaningful to me. My father passed away at an early age, so my mother raised my brother and me by herself. One of my most distinct childhood memories that I have about homes is using nothing but a handcart to collect our clothes and blankets and moving from house to house.”

He also confessed, “That’s why now, nothing is more important to me than my home and my family.”

“A House of My Own Has Appeared” helps families facing various housing difficulties by building a custom home for them.

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