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[News]Kwon Sang Woo Sends Churro Truck To Support Choi Ji Woo’s New Drama “Woman With A Suitcase”


Kwon Sang Woo proves that his support of Choi Ji Woo extends from staircases to suitcases with a sweet gift on September 28.

To show his support for Choi Ji Woo’s new drama “Woman With A Suitcase,” the actor sent a churro truck decked out in photos of Choi Ji Woo and a message of encouragement that reads, “I am hoping for ‘Woman With A Suitcase’ to be a hit! Fighting goddess Choi Ji Woo Kwon Sang Woo cheers you on!”

In one of the photos uploaded by the churro truck company, Choi Ji Woo poses happily with her sweet treat and drink.

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[News] Kim Soo-hyeon-I, Won Bin, Kwon Sang-woo and Lee Si-yeong: Real Estate Stars of Seongsu-dong


Kim Soo-hyeon-I and G-Dragon live in Seongsu-dong, while Won Bin, Kwon Sang-woo and Lee Si-yeong invest there’.

Seongsu-dong, which was an industrial place but now has many development factors, is the newest ‘hot place’ for stars. The residential and commercial complex Galleria Fore is near the Seoul Forest and the Han River is clearly visible from it. Around it are various development factors in which celebrities invest their money in. They have been turning to Seongsu-dong and not Chungdam-dong or Gangnam for several years. Continue reading