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[Photo] Kwon Sang Woo Reveals Happy Moments With Family


On July 27, the E-Channel program Brave Journalists released some photos, which features popular actor Kwon Sang Woo, together with his wife and children. It seems that they were on a holiday together. Continue reading

[Photo]Kwon Sang Woo – “Operation Chromite” (인천상륙작전) Movie VIP Premiere – 25.07.2016

Operation Chromite (Hangul: 인천상륙작전; hanja: 仁川上陸作戰; RR: Incheon Sangnyuk Jakjeon) is a war drama film that is directed by Lee Jae-han, based on the real-life events of the Battle of Inchon It was released on July 27, 2016 in Korea. (source: Wikipedia)


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「取材レポ」クォン・サンウ、様々な表情を見せたファンミーティングにファンも熱狂! | K-POP、韓国芸能ニュース、取材レポートならコレポ!


Source: 「取材レポ」クォン・サンウ、様々な表情を見せたファンミーティングにファンも熱狂! | K-POP、韓国芸能ニュース、取材レポートならコレポ!