[News] Kwon Sang Woo’s Chinese Drama Filming Scene Was Unveiled


[by Bae Jung Yun] An actor Kwon Sang Woo is drawing people’s attention with his picture.

Recently, he is filming the most anticipated Chinese drama ‘Return of Love’ as the main character Song Jin Nam. A shocking picture of him standing absent-mindedly and bleeding at the ruined scene was unveiled.

It is the scene of Song Jin Nam to have an accident in the drama. After that incident, he loses his memory and lives in totally different life. People’s curiosity toward balance between the huge scale of the scene and his enthusiastic performance is increasing.

Particularly, the filming continued with the precise detail check because it is an important scene with large scale and the biggest turning point of his role.

Moreover, even though it was a dangerous scene that he might have injured from, he performed delicate acting with his surprising concentration. Staffs looked at his acting in admiration. Also, he carefully participated in the filming by even concerning about the staffs’ safety.

One of the staff revealed his expectation by saying, “Kwon Sang Woo performed his best effort in the scene of complete change of Song Jin Nam’s life. The big scale and various emotional lines will create the drama that has strong absorptive power.”

From the drama, Song Jin Nam loses his memory because of the earthquake. After he recovers his memory between Seo Jeong Hyang, who took care of him after the incident and Lim Hyo, who was his previous wife, he starts to experience the chaos. Viewers can look back on the meaning of love through the love story of three people from the drama.

Meanwhile, ‘Return of Love’ will become the drama that has both cinematic quality and potential to become a box office hit. (photo by Soo Company)


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